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There seems to be a broad understanding among business leaders and managers across industries and sectors that collaboration, innovation, and better engagement with a variety of partners is a new reality which will help many move forward. It is becoming increasingly apparent that solutions are less likely to come in the form of a silver bullet, but rather in small steps, strategy and disciplined and diligent work. Collaboration is first and foremost about hard work that in turn yields an exciting impact.  This selection of recommended articles by ROADMENDER includes both Australian and overseas insights. Happy reading.

Innovationcollaboration is the key

This report by LeftRight Think Tank published last year is as worthy a read now as ever, if not even more so.  In part, the report states that: “Innovation has a significant influence upon economic growth.” A recent OECD report estimated that this influence was as much as 50% in developed nations. Advances in innovation require collaboration between the Government, business and research institutions. It is suggested that fostering collaboration in Australia will increase the country’s GDP by as much as $45 billion annually.  Read full report…

What Really Fosters Innovation (Infographic)

Always insightful and amazingly informative, Kathleen Davies from the Entrepreneur states: “Innovate or die. That’s the credo of modern business. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that 61 percent of CEOs surveyed by professional services firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers say that innovation is a priority in their businesses”. Along with the infographic the full article can be found here


Why Corporate Social Responsibility is Important in 2014

CSR is one of the major areas of potential collaboration. It pays to be smart and think about the innovative opportunities collaboration can bring to dedicated partners.

As this article cites, according to a study by Cone Communications, 9 out of 10 consumers would refrain from doing business with a corporation if there was no corporate social responsibility plan. While public image is a strong driver, so too is the knowledge that smart businesses can recognise the bigger picture. The full article, courtesy of Double the Donation, can be found here

Overhead Costs: The Obsession Must Stop

In this piece published by SSIR, Julie Brandt argues that “we can’t separate nonprofit programs from the people who develop and deliver them”.  The author explores the workings of a not for profit organisation which she, not surprisingly, sees as a business which like any other needs to have funds to reinvest in its people and systems.  Read full article…

The Power of Collaboration

This is a very informative piece provided by Commercialisation Australia (an initiative of the Australian Government), which is very useful to all enterprises who are looking to make sense of the current economic conditions and, more importantly, projections for the next 12 months.  Read full article…

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