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This edition of ROADMENDER Recommends is full of great finds. As usual there are great infographics for those who believe in the power of visuals. The standouts, however, are two articles on the history of collaboration in social and technological contexts. A growing number of those who see themselves as entrepreneurs will find a new study by the Commonwealth Bank interesting. But perhaps the most exciting is the first article about a major collaborative effort in Ireland which truly seems to promise outcomes that might make a major difference to cancer sufferers.

Irish Cancer Society (ICS) Launches World’s First Research Collaboration

The ICS is bringing together 50 leading global experts in a world’s first of its kind in terms of collaboration. The amazing leap forward in thinking is part of the growing trend globally where governments, business communities and other parties recognise the unique potential that major collaborative strategies can achieve. I only hope that this will soon inspire Australians to recognise the benefits of ‘collaboratives’ of this scale as a genuine step forward.  Read on…

Chicken or Egg: Content Management or Collaboration First?

“Is content management a feature of collaboration or is collaboration a feature of content management?” asks Lubor Ptacek, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at OpenText and General Manager of OpenText’s Microsoft Solutions Group. This is an older piece published following a 2011 conference but I found it very interesting and thought provoking.  Read on…

A Brief History of Collaboration (Infographic)

Here you will find a short article by Kate Allen and a well-designed infographic focusing on part of the history of collaboration; in particular the way collaboration has evolved since the first email in 1971 and how it operates in relation to technology. This may help you to identify which type of collaboration would be most beneficial to your business.  Read on…


The History of Social Collaboration (infographic)

This piece by Amit Patel is a great exploration of the history of social collaboration, accompanied by another great infographic. This article should be read in conjunction with the previous one. Both communicate some interesting factors that make collaboration exciting, especially in relation to competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurialism. The observation that social collaboration is changing the way business operates is well argued. Read on…


Will the Real Aussie Entrepreneur Please Stand Up?

The Commonwealth Bank might have decoded the Aussie entrepreneur’s DNA, or so it may seem from a recent study. According to the study, Australian entrepreneurs come in seven varieties.  Bala Murali Krishna explains more in this summary. Read on…

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