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The History of Collaboration

Collaboration has been around for some time but an investigation into its origins suggests that it has changed a lot over the past few decades. Like so many who have made it an effective strategy, I believe we are only seeing early signs of what it will be in the years to come. In this post I would like to share this infographic which was produced by hardworking collaborators at Socialcast. Read more

history_of_collaboration_infographicWhy Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur

It used to be that entrepreneurs were the renegade cowboys out in Silicon Valley. Nowadays, you have to be an entrepreneur just to get and hold a job” argues Catherine Clifford. I think this is a first-rate infographic. While the argument is not a revelation, it is so much a part of a fast approaching ‘new normal’ that may catch many unprepared. Read more…


Startup Groopt revamps its collaboration tools as it focuses on the NFP sector

As Anthony Ha explains, some companies recognise the power of collaboration as they reach out to different markets. As I argued previously, the NFP sector in Australia has an as yet unrealised potential, and is currently being somewhat ignored because of the narrow application of the ‘not-for-profit’ tag, which leads many to think that it is not possible to partner with them and actually see your commercial enterprise grow. This is a short piece intended to stimulate creative collaborative strategies. Read more…

Generosity Is More Evolutionarily Advantageous Than Selfishness: A new study shows

The last decade and half has seen a significant rise of the behaviourist stream of economic studies, which has not been without controversy. However, when one of them gets a Nobel Prize in Economics (e.g. Daniel Kahneman) then it pays to take notice of research that tells us more about human conduct and how it shapes trade, commerce and consumer behaviour. This piece from The Atlantic is intriguing and an absolute must-read in my view. As Julie Beck explains, maybe we should rethink the idea that kindness is only good for karma. Read more…

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