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Collaboration is not always an exact science. However, it is not really possible without a synthesis of different branches of science. If approached correctly, as a business strategy, then it clearly leads serious planners and managers to consult different elements that require a deeper understanding of things, e.g. […]

When disruption disrupts itself

Every year various major business consulting firms or some such influencers issue a list of emerging jobs or jobs that will be future professions. Many are quite entertaining, for instance; Simplicity Expert, Robot Counsellor, Head Monster, Locationists, Privacy Manager and so on. In most cases they are not […]

Holacracy and collaboration

I was tempted to title this article along the lines of If you need to be managed you probably suck as a collaborator. But, I think that would overstate the point a bit. In principle, I believe in the necessity of management because value creation is complex and […]