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In homage to the late Seamus Heaney, this eclectic selection of articles by ROADMENDER may be best summed up by the great man himself, who proclaimed: ’Write whatever you like!’. Apart from a mandatory reflection on collaboration and innovation, here are some useful bits of information that could […]


This week Roadmender recommends a selection of articles covering areas of innovation, collaboration, leadership and entrepreneurship. While some links may not necessarily be apparent, the idea is to assemble diverse views and uncover possibilities. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is why I believe that […]

Why Roadmender?

Roadmender is an initiative borne out of years of conversations and discussions with many people who, like myself, have a strong belief that access to good ideas, knowledge and resources can be better organised in one place. This is a space dedicated to people who are passionate about […]