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12 Great Motivational Quotes for 2014 Geoffrey James from Inc. magazine collected these inspirational quotes from the likes of Cicero, Guy Kawasaki, Henry Ford, Seneca and many others.  No matter what we do, there often comes a time when a bit of motivation from others may be needed.  […]


Why Women Collaborate, Men Work Alone, And Everybody’s Angry Australia’s Governor General recently delivered this year’s Boyer Lectures that were a little refreshing compared to what has been served up to the engaged public recently.  Specifically, I am impressed with the willingness of Ms Bryce to call things […]

The ‘D’ word and collaboration

I recently spoke to a colleague who noted that collaboration is all the rage now.  I suppose I never thought of collaboration as being űber cool, but I got the sentiment of the observation.  Often, many things in business, government and life in general become popular at some point.  […]