Month: October 2013

The ‘D’ word and collaboration

I recently spoke to a colleague who noted that collaboration is all the rage now.  I suppose I never thought of collaboration as being űber cool, but I got the sentiment of the observation.  Often, many things in business, government and life in general become popular at some point.  […]

Collaborate for Life

Work is a deeply personal manifestation of the sum of human possibilities. Humans work for various reasons, some of which are not always explicitly clear. Sometimes this lack of insight can last over very many life cycles. We know that work is a means to something else. From […]


The Blueprint for Collaboration It is near impossible to argue for the model of collaboration. In fact arguing for such a premise would be counterintuitive to collaboration. Having said that, it’s great to see any effort that adds to the mix.  I found this infographic on the ‘visua-ly’ […]


This week’s selection of recommended reading suggests that collaboration can help outliers to compete with giants; that various industries can project major business growth of both jobs and income; that some industries can better deal with future challenges; and that philanthropy may be set for major changes.  Additionally, […]