Month: August 2013

Who’s afraid of collaboration?

In the wise words of Arthur Schopenhauer; ‘talent hits the target nobody else can hit, genius hits the target nobody can see’. The reality though, is that most people don’t go around contemplating how to be geniuses; mostly they try to do the best with the talent they […]


This edition of selected articles charts a variety of angles on topics of entrepreneurialism and innovation.  Equally valuable could be a couple of pieces that might inspire a hidden innovator, creative thinker, entrepreneur or a bleeding heart to start the next week differently. Accept the Burden of Uncertainty […]


A number of ROADMENDER blogs focused on the relationship (explicit or implicit) between innovation and collaboration. How well we recognise this relationship depends a lot on the kind of work we do on a daily basis. Sometimes we may not pay close enough attention to, and thereby potentially […]

Incubators – not just for chickens anymore (Guest Blog)

This week’s guest blog emerged after a conversation I had with a colleague, Josh Keegan, who identified a challenge and proposed an elegant solution that, with some support from corporate and government sectors, could see a major impact on making Brisbane a better place for young people desiring to start local initiatives.   In Brisbane, as I […]


This week Roadmender recommends a selection of articles covering areas of innovation, collaboration, leadership and entrepreneurship. While some links may not necessarily be apparent, the idea is to assemble diverse views and uncover possibilities. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is why I believe that […]

Turning Ideas Into Reality

J.K. Galbraith stated that “we are ruled by ideas and by very little else”. Ideas are always in demand. It is one thing that people are drawn to, and there is never a shortage of ideas. However, the situation is not as simple when we try to make […]


This week’s selection of interesting articles focuses on a diverse range of topics, all linking in individually to collaboration. Leadership, collaboration, corporate skilled volunteering, essential networking skills and even bullshit are topics of this week’s round up. Are Connections Overshadowing Collaboration?, asks Jon Mertz from Thin Difference. Jon’s […]