making factory workers engaged in organisational mission...not an easy task


The retail sector is one of the most ferociously aggressive areas of economy. And the fashion industry is right up there with the most competitive. It comes as no surprise then that the fashion sector very strongly embraces collaboration. Take a look at the advice published by Fashionista […]

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Strategists of all persuasion are well aware of the growing importance of creativity in the solution design process. It’s not only analytical skills that can define competitive strategy. With that in mind, it is useful to reflect on what has become a well-established fact about collaboration: it is […]



Have you heard about ‘mosaic careers’? Or how about ‘bow-tie business to business relationships’? These and many more interesting concepts and ideas about making your enterprise more competitive form part of this week’s selection of recommended reading. As usual ROADMENDER is mostly focused on all things collaboration, but […]


So you have an idea

Every collaboration starts as an idea. Simples, as the beloved meerkat says (apologies to readers beyond Australia, but this is an Australian reference to a popular ad for an insurance company). Those who have come up with ideas in the past know that excitement for the originator of […]