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Thinking Work: When Collaboration Makes Sense

Most people have heard about collaboration. In fact, the majority of senior business leaders, executives and managers probably bombard their employees with messages extolling the virtues of collaboration. And therein lies a slight problem, as with all change management that comes from authority. Making things slightly more complicated […]

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If you had a major stake in a business, would you employ someone who is not engaged with the role they are applying for? The bleeding obvious answer would seem to be a big fat NO. However, the sad fact is that the overwhelming majority of employees are […]

CEO Nadella talks Microsoft's mobile ambitions, Windows 10 strategy, HoloLens and more


There is no doubt that collaboration is a buzzword. Unfortunately though, for some that is all there is to it. But on the flip side, many more will make the best of it. Collaboration as a discipline is still in an early phase of development and is finding […]



Depending on where one lives, the trends regarding freelancing and entrepreneurialism may differ a little. Some US data indicates that there is a strong march towards an increasing number of people seeking to work as freelancers and/or entrepreneurs. Some suggest that as many as 40 percent of working […]



One thing that I find truly great is the fact that we can collaborate globally. Distance collaboration is not as much reliant on infrastructure, as it is on strong social and cultural attitudes. At this point it still looks like people are far more likely to work with […]