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Did you know that there is a law that prohibits collaboration? Specifically, in the USA there is a law governing state elections that prohibits collaboration between candidates and independent groups. Also, a recent Deloitte report indicates that collaboration already adds $A46 billion to the Australian economy. People now […]

As well as Lego fans, Greenpeace wanted to engage other audiences that share a lot online. Photograph: Greenpeace

Everything is awesome. Kind of.

Over the past two weeks, since LEGO announced its intention to not renew its current partnership contract/arrangement with Shell, there has been a lot of discussion about the outcome. The long standing collaboration ended as a result of a very clever social media campaign by Greenpeace which claims […]

road closed


Collaboration as a strategy delivers different results in different settings. In some industries and disciplines it is almost indispensable, while in others it can still be a tough nut to crack. One of the emerging areas, which in my view will become one of the most dominant in […]

Toymaker ends £68 m deal after coming under pressure from environment group which accused it of "letting children down"


  No doubt the biggest collaboration news this week was the ending of one of the longest corporate collaborations between LEGO and Shell. I for one am not too surprised given the range of factors involved. It seems the sentiment of the collaboration has not kept up with […]